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Partners for Independence

Our aim is to support independence rather than create dependence.

Contact: Keith - 07543927698


Hi, my name is Keith and I have been in Special Educational Needs for over 25 years

I am passionate about ensuring that young people who have a learning disability are supported in a way that develops independence rather than dependence. 

Young adults with learning difficulties need to have the same opportunities as their peers and I see this as empowering them with the skills to become life long learners. With opportunities not only to develop new skills and interests, but to continue to develop skills already learned. Also by ensuring that their mental health and well-being is paramount in this process, by keeping them active both physically and mentally and giving them a sense of purpose in the community.

I have found that opportunities and destinations for young people, once they leave education at 16 or 19 is very limited. The main offer is college and for some young people this would not be appropriate due to their needs.

Partners for Independence's aim is to provide and to continue to support the development of the skills they need to be more independent throughout everyday life.  

Due to the high level of  quality support offered at Partners for Independence we are able to offer a more personalised program for the young people with opportunities of completing supported work in areas of their interest, supported travel training, a program for developing and retaining life skills and leisure activities that will enable them to develop new interests and  make new friends.

What Partners for Independence can offer


A 48 week a year day provision

A daily package including transport and activities

An individualised program, tailored to the needs and interests of the young adult


A look at the offer in more detail:

  • Supported Work: We have created links with local charities who are willing for our young adults to complete 2 hour sessions of working with support in a range of settings: charity shops, catering kitchens in local venues, parks, libraries, community centres etc. Young adults will be supported 1-1 or 1-2 during these sessions and although we will be able to offer a choice, suitability will also need to be taken into account before the placement can be agreed.

  • Supported Travel Training: Young adults will have the opportunity to plan routes to places of interest within the local area, using public transport

  • Physical Activities: Young adults will be supported in small group sessions for all activities at local leisure centres

  • Leisure Activities: Young adults will be supported in small group leisure activities

  • Life Skills: Young adults will have the opportunities to develop independent skills in supported activities to develop their independent living skills - including a range of household chores, maintaining a small garden area with the opportunities of growing garden produce

  • A five day residential holiday will be provided for young adults who are accessing the five day package placement, with a small charge for food for during the stay. Spending money will also be needed. For young adults accessing the individual  day package, will also have the opportunity to participate in the five day residential holiday but a cost will be added after taking into account the number of days they access the service. Again a small charge will be added for food during the stay and spending money will be needed.

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